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ELIYA HERBAL MEDICINAL NURSERY - Nursery id: 212 - Report / Delete
Available plants : Crescentia, Couroupita, Brassia, Cordia, Cassia, Muntingia, Amherstia nobilis, A bidwillii, Brownea, Callistemon, Calophyllum, Cedrela, Dillenia, Podocarpus, Ginkgo biloba, Herbal, Medicinal, etc.
Available plants local name : Arjun, Kamandal, Cannon ball, Potato tree, Peacock tree, Tree of heaven, Bunya, Hoop pine, Makhan katora
Address :Behat Road, Saharanpur
City :abohar , State :
Mobile :9058000145
Experience :10 Years
We Supply All Types of Herbal & Medicinal Plants and trees. We have a wide range of herbal and medicinal plants collection in our nursery. We also develop Herbal park and medicinal park.
Publishing Date :2017-02-26 01:00:23

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