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Pankaj Gardens - Nursery id: 56
Available plants : Pichy,Hidrangia, Hibiscus, Crotons, Cycus, Archeria, Juneferes, Red Palm,
Available plants local name : Nullino, Euphorbia, Rose, Nymphaea stellata, Jasmine, Michelia Champaka, Nadyarvattam, Bogain villa, Canna Varieties, Ixora, Dracina, Bridal bokka, Ginger Lilly, Heliconia, Sapotta, Garcinia indica, Musambi, Pulasan, Baraba Fruit, Jamickan Star Fruit, Apple, Chamba, Sweet Tamarind, Seedless Njaval, Moottipazham, Iran Athi, Lakkot, African Pistha, Pear, Plums, Noni, Elantha, Passion Fruit, Nelly, Singapore Jack, Gumless Jack, Guava, Bancok Chamba, Langset, Malayasian, Rambuttan, Butter Fruit, Litchy, Durian, Mangostin, Bread Fruit, Nagapur orange, Velvet Apple, Lime, Seedles Lime, Mathalam, Mango, Teak, Simaruba, Rose Wood, Silver Rock, Casua raina, Mahagani, Different type Bamboos
City :kannur
Experience :2 Years
Jindaura - Nursery id: 137
Available plants : Lemon plants,mango plants
Available plants local name : Nee boo plants, Aam plants
City :kannur
Experience :5 Years

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